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Which one do I choose?

Here at Total Perfection Beauty we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of facial treatments so that each client Is catered for. Your skin is so important, we live in a world that thinks everything can be replaced and unfortunately your skin is not one of those things, you can but the most expensive…

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What’s stopping you?

We all say that we are going to start looking after ourselves more, especially when it comes to the end of the year and a fresh start is just round the corner, so what’s stopping you? I know why I don’t go and get a massage or a Microdermabrasion facial, it’s because I think well…

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Nail Treatments @ Total Perfection Beauty

Here at Total Perfection Beauty I make sure that every client is catered for, so when it comes to nail treatments I have made sure that I offer a wide range. Each client is different and wants an individual outcome of their appointment, whether they have short nails and want to make them longer or…

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Taking time at the end of your busy day to meditate

Following on from my recent blog about massage and its benefits I thought I’d also share with you how I unwind after a long day in salon. We all have busy life’s if it’s not running the kids to school or after school activities even parties, we are in meetings and answering the phones and…

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Why massage helps your Physical & Mental well-being

I am always being asked what the benefits of massage are by clients before they book and I say to them the list is so long but I outline the really important benefits that I know are going to help them take a look at the amazing physical and mental benefits of massage: Physical Benefits:…

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10% off Facials all April & May

It’s getting to that time of year again….. summer!!!!! And we all want the same thing, amazing skin. That’s where I come in ladies ask me about the amazing Facials that are on offer in salon and it’s 10% off for the whole of April and May!!!!!!! Message me or call the Salon to book…

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